WiFi Insider

WiFi Insider provides top-notch consulting and development services for WiFi products to chip vendors as well as system integrators. WiFi Insider has and continues to successfully work with Silicon Valley's leading wireless chip, product and intellectual property development companies like Atheros, Gainspan, SkyPilot, Apprion, Synopsis, Trimble.

WiFi Insider provides complete turn-key WiFi solutions based on Linux and several  RTOSes in addition to providing specialized algorithms and proprietary solutions for wireless communication and data-haul networks suitable for Mesh Networking.

WiFi Insider has a very high level of expertise with Atheros' radio technology and has accumulated a very strong portfolio of customized algorithms that improve and extend upon Atheros' proprietary Super A/G features like XR, Turbo, FastFrames on the older generation of MAC/BB/Radio chipsets. WiFi Insider continues to keep pace and abreast of Atheros' latest IEEE 802.11n MIMO technologies.

WiFi Insider has helped companies develop low-cost WiFi compliant sensors and sensor networks.